Engraved Cuffs

      195 products

      195 products

      Meaningful Jewelry Reminders

      Wear it loud and proud with an engraving that you can see with ease every day! When you need a pick-me-up or a reminder of your mantra, just glance down at your wrist and there it is! It's as easy as checking your watch.

      Mantra Bracelets are the Best Gift for Birthdays

      The externally facing mantra on the bands are perfect for gifting because you don't have to take the bracelet off to read the message. This way, you can give the gift of encouragement to someone over and over with a reminder to them every time they see it. It's as if you were there to remind them yourself!

      What's more is that we try to ship all of our bracelets tucked neatly into a small, black Mint & Lily box which we encourage you to reuse and recycle for your gifting needs!