About Us

Our story begins with a simple bracelet with a simple message: straighten your crown. It was a gift to a sister who was struggling through a difficult time in her life, and I wanted to help, but I was hundreds of miles away.

The straighten your crown message held a lot of meaning, for we had always joked that she was a queen, just like her mother.

While trying to figure out how to make a custom bracelet for my sister, I realized that just about any message could be customized if you're willing to wait a little while, and Mint & Lily was born.

Now, we design simple, elegant bracelets designed for daily use. The bracelets come with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message, mantra, or sentiment with the elegance that fits right in with your Sunday best or a night out on the town. The bracelets we make are intended to serve as a daily reminder that brings joy to the wearer while empowering their spirit.

Our mission is to remind women of the strength and confidence that we each carry within ourselves with beautiful, meaningful pieces of jewelry that we'd be proud to wear ourselves. 

Mint & Lily is a jewelry brand born in the USA. All our pieces designed with love in San Francisco, California.