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At Mint & Lily, we're on a mission to make inspirational jewelry with meaningful quotes to inspire the next generation of change makers to reach their full potential.

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Cuff bracelets, necklaces, keychains, earrings, and rings with sentimental engravings and messages that can be carried every day and lift your spirits are what you'll find here.

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Giving gifts meaning that goes beyond the beauty and elegance of the jewelry itself is what makes humanity unique amongst the animals. These aren't just high-quality shiny metal objects. Our jewelry is a totem of beauty and strength that is unique to the wearer.

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In a rush? We get it. Choose from our in-stock collection that has a variety of necklaces, cuff bracelets & much more. Each order ships out within 24 hours and delivery is 5-6 days after you place your order. No additional shipping costs.
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