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Beste Freunde sind schwer zu bekommen, zeigen Sie jemandem, der Ihnen wichtig ist, mit diesem wunderschönen Armband, wie sehr Sie ihn schätzen.

Mit dir lache ich mehr, weine weniger und lächle mehr. Wir sind für immer zusammen dabei. Meine Badass-Girl-Gang

Mint & Lily jewelry is made with a variety of fine materials. Many of our designs allow you to choose between our Surgical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel products or our Demi-Fine 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermeil.

What are your Surgical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel products made out of?

  • The base material for these products is Surgical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel
  • Optional finishes include Genuine 18k Gold plating and 18k Rose Gold plating
  • Quality materials designed to never fade, rust, tarnish, corrode, or stain
  • Water-resistant and suitable for wearing anywhere and everywhere
  • Hypoallergenic, nickel-free casted material so our pieces will not irritate or discolor

What are your Demi-Fine 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermeil products made out of?

  • The base material for our Demi-Fine / Sterling Silver products is 925 Sterling Silver. These products feature an e-coat to help prevent tarnishing.
  • 18k Gold Vermeil products start with a base material of 925 Sterling Silver and are coated with a thick layer of real 18k Gold plating for the experience of pure 18k Gold at a fraction of the cost.
  • 925 Sterling Silver jewelry contains 92.5% silver, which means it will be less likely to tarnish. 

Jewelry Care

Our 316L Stainless Steel based jewelry is tarnish and water resistant. Avoid contact with strong chemicals and cleaning agents (detergent, bleach, perfume) as these solutions may damage the layer of gold or silver plating and will cause tarnishing or discoloration. 

Keep your jewelry pristine and clean by wiping them down with a scratch-free cloth for a smudge-free shine. You can use mild soap and room temperature water with a soft cloth to cleanse your jewelry. Dry completely before storing. To remove tarnish from 925 Sterling Silver jewelry, use a mild solution of baking soda and water. 

Your jewelry will be delivered in a Mint & Lily box perfect for gifting! 

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