Guardian Angel

Coping With Death

It's never easy to find quite the right words that offer comfort when you or someone close to you has experienced a loss. Everyone has their own way of coping with the loss of a loved one. Some of us bury ourselves in our work or sport, while others weep freely, and still others find talking about it the most difficult thing.

Remembering Our Guardian Angels

We know the process of grieving is painful and sometimes a long road that each of us must travel our own way, which is why we've created the Guardian Angel Cuff Bracelets collection.

We wanted to give ourselves a way to remember our friends and family members who have gone before us in a tasteful way because we understand that guardian angel tattoos are not for everyone.

A Gift For Loss of a Loved One

These bracelets aim to serve as a daily reminder that offers condolence and support in times of sadness and heartache. Regardless of how one chooses to cope with the loss of a loved one, these bracelets offer a private communication that we are still being watched over by our Guardian Angels.

It carries all the comfort of a well-written greeting card with the added benefit of being able to be carried with you anywhere.

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