Badass Daughter Personalizable Cuff Bracelet

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Engraved With Love
Custom Engraved With Love
USA Shipped
Shipped from Pennsylvania, USA
Steel Plating
Stainless Steel/ 18k Gold Plating
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Remind your daughter of the BADASS she truly is! This gorgeous gift celebrates her strength and uniqueness with a stunning high-quality 18k gold plated cuff bracelet with a secret message engraved on the inside.

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Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

A Style That Goes With You

Each bracelet comes wrapped in a fine, glossy plated finish for a fine  daily accessory.

Mint & Lily jewelry packaging box.

A Gift worth Giving

Packed with Love

Testimonials & Reviews

Purchased as our mum is dying. She has been a fighter all her life and this bracelets message is helping me through the tough moments.

Helen P.

Bought 2 of these for my daughters. My oldest chose to wear it on her wedding day. So special! I also ordered the Mama Bear with 2 cubs for myself. This mama wore hers to the wedding also! Precious gifts.

Cindy B.