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Registered Nurse Jewelry

Honoring the profession that keeps hospitals running — Nurses! Almost everyone has had a nurse in their life to thank, whether they can remember them or not, and it's important that we give nurses something to celebrate as well — themselves!

Best Gifts for Nurses

These nurse jewelry items are tailor made for nurses and nursing students who are matriculating. The meaningful engraving on the bracelets celebrate their life's work improving other people's lives.

Can a Nurse wear jewelry?

For safety, we wouldn't recommend wearing these bracelets while on the floor just because patients can sometimes reach out and grab for whatever they can if they are confused or scared. Ultimately, it depends on his or her work environment to set the rules.

Our nurse bracelets are made of polished metal that is easy to sanitize, and loses none of it's luster over time. The cuff style makes these bracelets easy to rotate and slip on and off in case a situation calls for having free hands aka starting a shift.

When your nurse is not on the clock though, the sentimental quote is perfect for wearing the rest of the day and on the days he or she has off!

Best Gifts for Nursing Students

The bracelets are actually quite perfect for nursing students to stay motivated about why they are pursuing their dreams. The mantras are beautiful reminders about what drives them and how the hard work they are putting in now during their nursing school days are going to pay dividends for them and the people they will soon be helping!

Registered Nurse Graduation Gifts

A lot of hard work goes into surviving the registered nurse program and these bracelets are the perfect way to send off a new RN into the world with a totem of her power!

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