Autism bracelet with rose gold plating
Autism Awareness

Finding out your child has autism or is elsewhere on the spectrum is not an easy day. Of course you will continue to love and support them in all that they do, but you must also be prepared to explain their needs to others.

Autism Rights Movement

In the past, there has been a gross mischaracterization of autism as something that needs curing, but we're here to advocate for a better future where tolerance and inclusion are practiced for people living all along the autistic spectrum.

The first step towards this brighter future is raising awareness, facilitating conversations, and removing the social inertia around treating and discussing autism as a state where something is "wrong" with someone. NY Mag has a great piece on this.

While scientists may be studying the human genome, and even environmental factors, to identify how autism manifests, it doesn't change the underlying truth that all people with autism are just that: people.

Let's get the world to start treating them as such!

Raising Autism Awareness

Luckily, we live in a day and age of tolerance and acceptance. Bringing awareness to autism and the heroes living the life every day is easier when you have a way to start the conversation.

Autism Puzzle Piece Jewelry

Our autism puzzle piece jewelry items are the perfect daily reminder to carry with you, as well as a great gift to give to others who love someone with autism.

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